About Us

Blackrock Communication is a global technology and telecommunications consulting firm representing over 100 telecom carriers, equipment providers, data center and cloud services providers worldwide. At Blackrock we work closely with your business to find the right solutions for your IT and telecommunications infrastructure.


What do we do?


With a team of certified telecom consultants, we help business clientele design voice, data, internet and hosting solutions for their business. We supply unbiased, expert advice from industry experts with over 20 years of IT and telecom experience with our extensive portfolio of products and services to provide a superior long lasting customer experience. Our telecommunications consultants have demonstrated average savings of 30% or greater for their clients. Beyond savings, our consultants will make your work life easier by providing unparalleled access to project managers, technical resources and an account support staff at no additional cost. This ensures that you receive the resources needed to get your project completed on time and on budget.

At Blackrock Communication, we have a client centric business model where cost reduction is not the final destination…it is the foundation upon which we achieve absolute return on investment for our clients. We assist your company’s internal team members and resources to assemble IT and communications solutions that fit your specific needs, streamline your operation and reduce costs.


How are we different?


Blackrock Communication is different from other consulting firms, in the fact that we don’t bill our clients for standard service offerings and expert in-depth analysis. Through our partnership agreements, the service provider your company chooses compensates Blackrock Communication for the services we provide you. By doing business with Blackrock Communication your company will never incur any additional fees , and will enjoy the very best pricing available in the marketplace.

How is Blackrock Communication different than going directly with the provider? As your outsourced partner, we extend the same service, billing and support as a service provider’s direct representative. But due to the fact that we work with a multitude of providers, we are uniquely positioned to provide objective advice and increase the return on your investment, all while allowing your team to work with a single point of contact. As always, your contract is still with the provider, Blackrock just provides a unique high level of customer service that our carrier partners are unable to provide.