Cloud Providers

On the hunt for cloud computing service providers to support your business communications? At Blackrock Communication, we represent all of the top cloud computing service providers for applications, platforms and infrastructure. Our growing list of service providers includes SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, Citrix, IBM, VMware and more. In addition, we offer expert cloud computing consultants to assist with any questions regarding cloud services or providers. At Blackrock, you will receive independent and unbiased consulting and the most competitive cloud computing pricing available. Contact Blackrock for a cloud computing consultation or to learn more about the service by calling toll free 855.895.1100.

What is cloud computing? Cloud computing, also referred to virtualization, is a new technology that allows businesses to host applications and information in the cloud rather than in personal computers. Cloud computing services allow for access to software and information from any computer with an Internet connection. With cloud computing service, employees no longer have to install software or save data to their personal computers. Businesses pay for subscription fees or license the software, pay for storage and on-demand access. Learn more about cloud computing services by contacting Blackrock cloud expert today.