Local Phone Service (POTS)

Local business service or better known as POTS lines (plain old telephone service), handle routine applications including incoming and outgoing phone calls, along with fax usage among other applications. These POTS lines are usually available as flat rate lines or as measure lines, depending on the carrier and the service area in which they are deployed. There are a whole host of competitive options to choose from depending on your service area, including CenturyLink (formerly Qwest) , Sprint, Verizon Business, AT&T business, as well as aggregators such Ernest, Granite, BullsEye and more. We will look at all options available to your business, including on similar services such as PRI, Integrated Access T1, SIP Trunking, and Business VoIP.  Learn more about business Local Phone Service by calling toll free 855.895.1100 or filling out the contact form.