Network Assessment

When it comes to your network, you want to know exactly what’s ‘under the hood’. ┬áBlackrock’s Network Assessment Service, Network Detective, provides companies with a┬ácustomized operational, tactical, and strategic review of their current network environment.

With Network Detective, you simply run our non-invasive, small executable file on a computer on the network, and in minutes (for the average-size network), you’ll collect all the data about assets, end-user activity and network configurations that could create security or productivity issues in your network.

Network Detective will:

  • Run full network and security assessments with no agents and no installs
  • Produce comprehensive customized fully branded reports
  • Uncover security risks that can bring down a business

In addition to the Network Detective software, we offer a Security Assessment Module providing a deeper level scan that includes:

  • Network Security Risk Review
  • Share Permission Report
  • User Permission Report
  • External Vulnerabilities Full Detail Report