Wireless Core Managed Services

Through our various partners, Blackrock can provide your company a full suite of analytic and support services integrated into SaaS platforms to help you optimize time and cost savings in managing your wireless network.

Imagine being able to leave all of your daily wireless management tasks in the hands of seasoned TEM professionals. With Blackrock’s portfolio of providers offering  Wireless Core Managed Services, you can do just that. From invoice processing to expense auditing, each of our convenient, expert-driven services is designed to help you extract maximum value and cost reduction from a SaaS or on premise platform while committing minimal internal resources. As a result, you’re able to refocus your staff on more pressing business activities while watching your wireless savings multiply.

Wireless Core Managed Services include:

Optimization Services – Your business can finally get the upper hand when it comes to your wireless spend. Beyond business automation tools that give you greater control over your mobile environment, you now have access to a world-class outsourced team that is dedicated to locating and implementing ongoing savings for your company.

Invoice Management – Manage the receipt and processing of all telecom invoices. Receiving invoices in electronic form when possible – and paper form when necessary – and entering all data into the provider portal.  Our providers then incorporate proven processes for vendor management, from invoice receipt through payment processing.  Proactively manage missing invoices and failed/erred electronic files, ensuring effective and timely processing.

Cost Allocations/Accounts Payable Feeds – Apply cost center allocations and assign general ledger codes based upon your company’s requirements. We prepare your invoices for payment and provide reporting that allows you to review and upload the feeds into your financial software for payment.

Ordering and Provisioning Management – Software provided manages the O&P process end to end, from initial requisition and approval to fulfillment and deployment. This service virtually eliminates off-contract orders and helps you meet your minimum annual revenue commitment (MARC) contract requirements.

Inventory and Contract Management – Perform inventory reconciliation, while handling inventory location management and contact management. Provide the ability to track devices eligible for upgrade along with a repository of device type, device model and serial number. Track devices eligible for upgrade, and we conduct ongoing tracking/management of contract dates, bonus credits, SLA compliance, and MARC attainment.

Reporting – You can engage our managed services team to generate and distribute reports to key personnel throughout your organization. Review data, create ad hoc reports as needed, and access standard reports online. Optional advanced reporting/analytics are also available.