Wireless Networks

Does your business have remote locations?  Finding our that costs are extremely high to build out fiber to your remote location? Need to find another way to provide bandwidth to a remote site, or provide back up to traditional wireline services like dedicated internet access? Wireless & Microwave backhaul are solutions that transmits data from one point to another, as a wireless point to point service. These wireless networks are used to connect businesses and other institutions where traditional services may be unavailable or incredibly costly. These wireless network via microwave shots, can connect sites up to 100 miles from the network endpoint to your rural site.

Blackrock Communication has first hand experience with Wireless and Microwave Backhaul in some of the most remote locations in the country.  From local microwave providers, to satellite wireless dedicated internet access,  Blackrock Communication is uniquely positioned to help find a cost effective solution for your remote locations.  Call 855.895.1100 to speak to a Wireless specialist to learn about what options are available and obtain the best pricing available in the industry.